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Alabama Football begins Saturday!


freaking early kick off time though! 

Who are y’alls favorite baseball players???

Maria and I will tell y’all ours!!!
who do y’all like?

NFL lockout is over

and Preston Dial is signed to the Detroit Lions!!!!


here’s a quick overview of our feelings, we’ll expand more later on but here y’all go, gentle readers.

  • seth meyers is hilarious. he is very funny and we loved him but we’ve heard him do better material.
  • brian wilson is at times terrifying but we know it’s in a harmless way. we’re afraid of his beard, it’s probs full of secrets and we loved seth’s jokes to/about him
  • We were bummed out that Tim Lincecum did not win best championship performance because we love him
  • Cam Newton and Auburn won ZERO awards and we were very happy. $cam however, looked upset and as my mom said “smug and as if he thought he was entitled to all of the awards ever” and “like a big cry baby” 
  • Mark Ingram, Greg McElroy and Julio Jones were all there looking nice
  • Roy Halladay won best MLB players over Josh Hamilton but we still respect Roy so it all good!
  • Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavs took home titles, including best male athlete, best nba player, best team, and theri coach won best coach/manager which he deserves, esp over auburn’s gene chizick or however you spell is name. virginia’s lacrosse coach was also nominated and didn’t win but he was very worthy.
  • Cutie pie Rory McIroy won awards for Best Male Golfer and best record breaking performance. 
  • Cutie pie Shaun White won best male action sport athlete
  • "The Fighter" won best sports movie
  • Dewey Bozella and Anthony Robles’ stories made us cry and we were really haps for them.
Our Bad!

There IS a cub playing in the all star game! my dad is very happy!

lots of red sox here i see i bet joe is thrilled.

The ESPYS are tomorrow night

and cutie pie funny man Seth Meyers is the host. we personally can’t wait!!

Maria, Court and I voted online, so we’re pretty amped to see the results.

However, we’re pretty nervous cause Auburn was up for a couple of categories and we most certainly did not vote for them. Not for Auburn and CERTAINLY not for Cam Newton! 

Do we remember who all we voted for? No. there were a few categories where we were like “what? what is this? who are these people? that name sounds familiar….that person has a friendly face…ok i’ll vote for…this person?”

Who I remember voting for: Rory McIlroy, Tim Lincecum, Josh Hamilton, (cause we’re in love with them)  The Dallas Mavericks, Dirk Nowitzki, Texas A&M women’s basketball cause a girl from my high school plays for them, the Virginia Lacrosse coach (cause i’m obsessed) the kid who plays lacrosse for Cornell ( i was like this is a no brainer. a lax bro or cam newton, please) and i’m not really sure who else? but we are excited either way! 


is the MLB All Star Game! A holiday to Maria and I. We are very much looking forward to it!!

We wanna give a shout out to former Tide catcher, and current Detroit Lion, Alex Avila who will be a starter!!

and a big congrats to our Texas Rangers who will be there!

ole boy josh hamilton

Adrian Beltre

Alexi Ogando

Michael Young

an of course super handsome cj wilson

my dad was a bit bummed there were no chicago cub all stars but we’d also like to give a shout out to the braves who made the cut! 

Chipper Jones

Brian McCann

Jair Jurrjens

Craig Kimbrel

Johnny Venters

and naturally, we’re super haps for ole boy Tim Lincecum of San Francisco  because we’re forever in love with him

And of course Cliff Lee, who we love. but the picture we’re posting is from when he was still playing for the Rangers, because we wish he still was and we refuse to accept that he plays for the Phillies. 

Game’s on tonight at 7pm central time! Enjoy errybody! you know if that’s your thing! 

hey y’all!

we try our best to keep up with this blog best we can! we’ll try to make frequent posts! we’ve sort of neglected it since april, but now we’re back up and running!!

if you like this, check out our persobal blogs! we post some pretty similar stuff, and i dont know how to say this politely but we’re pretty hilarous girls. or at least we think we are.

have a good night, keep sketchin’ around and roll tide!!! -love, your trusty texan hoodrat

there will never be a time in my life when i am over virginia lacrosse, i love it too much.
also, #39, on the end, connor mcgee, the goalie…he can get it. just saying, that’s a fact. 

there will never be a time in my life when i am over virginia lacrosse, i love it too much.

also, #39, on the end, connor mcgee, the goalie…he can get it. just saying, that’s a fact. 

Cavs Lacrosse foreverrrr

Cavs Lacrosse foreverrrr